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Hotels in Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is an idyllic Caribbean spot in the Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica. It is a tropical paradise of small bays and white beaches, surrounded by tropical rainforests and coconut trees. Its coast is a mixture of coral reefs and sands, a perfect place to snorkel for example.

Cultural treasure of Costa Rica

Its cultural part is equally unique and striking. Afro Caribbean culture, strongly influenced by the culture of the Caribbean and especially Jamaica is another of its attractions. Music Reggae, Calypso or Socca, as well as a unique culinary culture and an English language dialect called Patua confirm a very unique and striking setting for tourists from all over the world.


Nature and rustic

The hotels in Puerto Viejo are usually small, and mostly intermingle well in the surrounding area, without contaminating the landscape of tropical plants, jungles and large centenary trees. This is undoubtedly a quality that benefits the Puerto Viejo area. There are no hotels in Puerto Viejo of great dimensions, because the same neighbors want to ensure that the essence of the area is maintained. Although there are many hotels in Puerto Viejo and also several hotels in the South Caribbean, the visitor will not really find buildings everywhere.


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Casual but refined food in a cozy atmosphere by the pool

Tours in Puerto Viejo

Adventure and nature tours, snorkeling, hiking, trips, wildlife...

Beach Cocles Puerto Viejo

The best location in Puerto Viejo, at only 50 meters from the beach