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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a very high biological diversity of plants and animals as well as landscape forms. The country is located in the Neotropics. With a land area of approximately 51,100 square kilometers and an area of 589,000 square kilometers of territorial waters, Costa Rica is one of the 20 richest biodiversity countries in the world. The two coasts and mountainous regions have a multitude of different microclimates, which is one of the reasons for the abundance of different ecosystems in the country. The proven 500,000 species of the state are four percent of the world's adopted species. 300,000 of the 500,000 species are insects.


Puerto Viejo

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, in the province of Limon, is famous for its tropical rainy climate, exuberant tropical rainforests and amazing beaches. Puerto Viejo is the pearl of the South Caribbean, and Azania Bungalows is located at just 50 meters from the beach of Cocles. Come and explore this fascinating destination.

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Casual but refined food in a cozy atmosphere by the pool

Tours in Puerto Viejo

Adventure and nature tours, snorkeling, hiking, trips, wildlife...

Beach Cocles Puerto Viejo

The best location in Puerto Viejo, at only 50 meters from the beach